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Update on Progress and Funding

Dear NMC Shareholders,

Thanks to donations by:

Michael L.
Mark B.
Mark F.
Gaston & Rosalie M.

Thank you for share purchases from:
Nancy W.
Russ G.

Because of your donations and share purchases, our CPA was able to pay all of our bills but one, so I had no choice but to put an additional $2,805 on my credit card, on August 18th, in order for our company to retain our 17 mining claims in California with the Bureau of Land Management, which was a blessing. Hopefully, our shareholders will come through this month before my Visa bill comes due.

Your Directors, General Counsel and I are reviewing a potential deal on the table, however it will require a great deal of due diligence. In addition, I may be meeting face to face with a publicly traded Canadian mining company soon to gage their level of interest. In addition, we are also waiting on another potential JV partner’s test results and ability to raise the needed financing.

Please know that your continued prayer support is absolutely critical and your financial support allows us to continue month by month by the grace of God as only time will tell if we are to receive a return on our investments.

In your service,

Michael Sheppard, CEO

If you are interested in contributing, please make checks out to:

NMC, Inc

and mail checks to:

Curtis Orgill
2908 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

For Venmo donations:
Search for: Curtis Orgill
Verification code: 9432 (last four digits of phone).

Should you want to purchase shares, the minimum amount is $200 to cover the Transfer Agent, the issuance & mailing. Each share is .005 or one half cent.

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