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Update on Progress and Funding

Thanks to Donations from:

John M.
Craig C.

Susan M.
Richard K.
Gaston M.
Robert E.
Donald P.

Thanks for Share purchases from:

Herb C.
Jim K.
Lee H.
Russ G.
Erik J.
Charlotte B.
Shawn W.

If you are interested in contributing, please make checks out to:

NMC, Inc

and mail checks to:

Curtis Orgill
2908 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

For Venmo donations:
Search for: Curtis Orgill
Verification code: 9432 (last four digits of phone).

Should you want to purchase shares, the minimum amount is $200 to cover the Transfer Agent, the issuance & mailing. Each share is .005 or one half cent.


Our company was able to maintain our leases in California and Arizona. Our need for now is to pay the Director’s & Officer’s Insurance for May $2,058 and June $1,547, as we reduced our coverage to minimize our expenses. In addition, we must get our Business License renewed in July for the state of California at a cost of $489, for a total of $4,095 so please consider further investing as anything you can do is appreciated.

Regarding our continued efforts to sell or joint venture our assets, it would appear that the buyer who agreed to 2 cents net (per share) for all of our assets no longer has the ability to fund the purchase of NMC. Unfortunately, Hezbollah has taken control of Lebanon and has blocked any outflow of funds. That said, however, a Canadian mining company’s CEO continues to express their interest in taking NMC public again.

In addition, I have contacted a Gold Royalty company, introduced by our Webmaster, where they would pay an upfront amount in exchange for a future realization in refining funds. Our Director, Tom Smith is arranging an introductory luncheon with other potential contacts as well. I also have reached out to several old contacts to let them know of the recent change in our availability.

Lord willing, I plan on attending the world’s largest mining conference, MINEXPO, in Las Vegas in September, as it was last held five years ago.

While I cannot promise a Harvest, I can promise my continued efforts on behalf of our shareholder family unless and until our Lord calls me elsewhere, as I still believe HE called me to NMC. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why. 

Please know that NMC’s continued viability depends upon those who generously donate and/or purchase shares and I will continue to pay approximately $3,200 every month as well.

In your service,

Michael Sheppard, CEO

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