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Update on Progress and Funding

Just thought I would let you all know where we stand since our last update:

  1. The transaction that we negotiated, and our Directors approved which net out 2 cents per share should it happen, continues to await the funds being released from Lebanon.
  2. Our Webmaster sent me information on another funding source which I am researching.
  3. A Canadian mining firm has expressed interest in taking us public.
  4. One of our shareholders has introduced me to a group in Dubai that is considering financing his companies.
  5. Another shareholder introduced me to the attorney who represents Kevin Harrington from the original Shark Tank. I had met Kevin at the FreedomFest conference so perhaps there’s an opportunity.

Our challenge remains to keep our company viable until we are blessed with a harvest, although we can not be assured of anything until the funds are in the bank.

Once again, great appreciation to our General Council’s Law firm and CPA who are hanging in there with us. Also, know that I continue to put my money where my mouth is by investing about $3200 every month for the last year and a half. I do not receive shares; however, these expenses will be reimbursed when NMC can afford, as will my accruing salary, so I am highly motivated.

We will need to raise approximately $10,000 between now and the end of April to pay the State of Arizona and our Annual Business Listing and to renew our Director’s & Officer’s Insurance, so I’m counting on you and me to keep us viable knowing just how much your prayers and patience and financial support are appreciated.

I remain in your service while still believing that we will be blessed with a harvest.

Michael Sheppard


Thanks to our shareholders who have donated funds listed below:

Donald P.

Mark B.

Kevin D.

Terry G.

Lisa W.

Russell G.

Richard K.

Richard M.

Mal G.

Laura F.

David B.

Charlotte B.

Gaston M.

Mark J.

Jordan T.

Garry L.

Herb C.

Steven A.

Francis B. 

James B.

Lisa D.

Carl H.

Barry S.

Thomas S.

Cary S.

Derek Z.

Erik J.

Ike H.

Ronald H.

Michael L.

Gaston M.

Kenneth S.

Patrick R.

John B.

Mark F.

Donald B.

Anne L.

Charlotte M.

David R.

James K.

Debi S.

Leona B.

Richard H.

Mike M.

Mark H.

Jan R.

Rosalie M.

Gaston M.

And thanks to those shareholders who have purchased shares at one half cent:

Erik J.

Glenn B.

Robert D. 

Alan B.

Robert M.

Marvin L.

Tom S.    

Jan R.

Onnie K.

James G.

Francis B.

Donna M.

Scott A.

Amy H.

Aaron S. 

Herb C.

Teresa B.

Mark C. 


If you are interested in contributing, please make checks out to:

NMC, Inc

and mail checks to:

Curtis Orgill
2908 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

For Venmo donations:
Search for: Curtis Orgill
Verification code: 9432 (last four digits of phone).



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