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Update to Donations Activity

Dear Shareholders,

Just wanted to update you all on our contributions to date as well as to express special appreciation for the following shareholders:

Shares recently purchased at .005 cents per share without which we could not have retained our California Mining Claims nor our Director & Officer’s Insurance for October.

Russ G.

Jan R.

Frank B.

Marvin L.

Donations to date:

Donald P.      $100.00

Mark B.      $50.00

Kevin D.     $200.00

Terry G.     $25.00

Lisa W.     $100.00

Russell G.     $20.00

Richard K.     $20.00

Richard M.     $20.00

Mal G.     $36.06

Laura F.     $100.00

David B.     $100.00

Charlotte B.     $20.00

Gaston M.     $20.00

Mark J.     $30.00

Jordan T.     $20.00

Garry L.     $100.00

Herb C.     $25.00

Steven A.    $25.00

Francis B.     $50.00

James B.     $250.00

Lisa D.     $30.00

Carl H.     $100.00

Barry S.     $100.00

Thomas S.     $200.00

Cary S.     $20.00

Derek Z.     $25.00

Erik J.     $100.00

Ike H.     $100.00

Ronald H.     $50.00

Michael L. $20.00

Gaston M.     $20.00

Kenneth S.     $25.00



If you are interested in contributing, please make checks out to:

NMC, Inc

and mail checks to:

Curtis Orgill
2908 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Please know just how appreciative we are for every dollar that has been donated and the commitments to come, even though we are nowhere close to what we need at his point. Also, know that we will continue to offer NMC shares for one half cent per share. We continue to believe that our Lord will bless the harvest of Nevada Mining on behalf of all our shareholders and their families to HIS glory.

Michael Sheppard, CEO
(615) 400-1099

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