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Update to Shareholders

I recently received this email from a fellow shareholder with what I & your Directors consider to be a good idea as well as a way for you to help us all to remain viable. In my previous shareholder letters, I reviewed with you NMC’s need for continued funding until we could either sell our assets or joint venture with another mining firm to process our assets & convert to salable metals in order to issue dividends. We needed about $60,000 & received only about a third. I’m sharing Tom’s letter with permission as well as an actual donation which was timely & greatly appreciated from another shareholder wanting to help. One local shareholder recently completely paid the annual maintenance fees to the Bureau of Land Management, approximately $3000 just days before we would have lost all 17 mining claims in California. A timely answer to prayer. 

You should know that while we remain hopeful, the agreed to financing which should net about two cents per share has still not arrived from overseas due to circumstances beyond our buyer’s control.  

Please continue to pray that the buyer, consistent with the Lord’s will, is able to transfer the funds into our bank account & prayerfully consider making a small donation to help us remain viable & know that your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

Regarding sacrifices, please know that our CPA firm continues to accrue all his firm’s NMC charges since August, 2019 as we had no funds to pay. In addition, our law firm, who we owe $150,000, has agreed to wait until financing is received from the buyer. Our webmaster who is a shareholder has donated all of his time to help us.I continue to pay NMC’s obligation for health & life insurance & office expenses since August, 2019 as well so we are all sacrificing to give us every possibility to sell or joint venture NMC’s assets.

Please know just how much your donation of any amount is appreciated.

Michael Sheppard, CEO
(615) 400-1099

Make your check out to: NMC, Inc

Send your donation check to:

Curtis Orgill, CPA

2908 East 100 North

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Letter from a shareholder:

From: Thomas D.
Subject: Voluntary Shareholder Small Donation


Mike, I’m an investor in NMCX.  To date, all of us investors have taken a financial loss in this company and continue to hope for a prospective investor to get us up and processing the pits.  I  suggest that the Board send out a message requesting a $20.00 donation (at least on an annual basis) from every stockholder to “tide us over” until we can get adequate funding to begin operations. I realize that a few people, including yourself, have made significant ongoing contributions to keep the company alive which is great!  But, I can’t help but think that most of the shareholders have either forgotten about their investment or consider it a lost cause. I remain optimistic to see future operations begin.

Best Regards, Tom D.

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