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Update to Shareholders

Just wanting to keep you all in the know with as much information that I can share at this time. Although we were not blessed with the funds we desired, we were blessed with the minimum we had to have in order to keep us going until we can complete the sale that has been negotiated & approved by your Board of Directors subject to receiving the funds and shareholder approval. As has been the case, our greatest challenge has been and remains today, transferring the funds into the USA banking system.

Please know just how much we appreciate those who have sacrificed their hard earned money to make an additional investment which, we believe, will benefit our entire family of shareholders:

Russ, Glenn, Robert, Onnie, Jan, Dick, Michael, Alan, Marvin, Erik, & Tom invested a total to date of $20,000 which enabled our CPA to pay the down payment to keep the Director & Officer’s insurance, including the monthly payments through August, and to complete our business license with the state of Nevada. Regarding the critical issue of the State of Arizona Land Department’s new requirement of liability insurance to maintain our lease; that requirement is ON HOLD which is a sincere answer to prayer. I will continue to personally pay NMC’s monthly expenses of approximately $3500 as long as I am able.

Also know that we are still in need of further investments if you are in a position to do so.

In your service,

Michael Sheppard
(615) 400-1099


Disclaimer: An investment in securities involves a high degree of risk.  These factors are not identified herein but suffice it to say they are substantial as there is no current public market for NMC shares, nor is it expected that such a market is likely to develop unless we sell or joint venture with a publicly held company.

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